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For individual therapy, I am currently accepting ONLY patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of ND, most other states and Federal BCBS. For psychological testing, I am accepting clients ONLY with BCBS (ND, most other states, and federal), BCBS Expansion, and Sanford Health Plan (SHP).
* I place strict limits on the numbers of people I can see with Medicaid and Medicare and those spots are filled.


You can initiate an appointment and complete forms in one of 2 ways.

  1. You can use the Contact Form for inquiries or questions. Please include your age, insurance carrier, a brief description of requested services, a phone number, and good times to reach you.
  2. You may call the office at 701-877-1806 to request services. If you receive the office voicemail, please leave your name, age, insurance carrier, services needed, phone number, and good times to reach you.

Consent Forms

Once we decide to schedule an appointment, you will receive consent forms via a secure, HIPAA-compliant encrypted email. These forms are electronically fill-able with e-signature options that make them easy to complete and return via smart phone or computer.

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